January 06, 2007

Strategic Commenting

Amy Gahran, creator of the popular weblog Contentious has writen a very interesting articel, "Strategic Commenting: No blog is an island".

This is some text from it:

If your weblog currently doesn't have much of an audience, then an easy way to build an audience is to constructively leverage audiences already fostered by more established bloggers in your field. This means being proactive about building new connections. Strategic commenting is all about taking the initiative.

I think you will find it very helpfull if you want to get more visitors.

December 28, 2006


If you have a low traffic blog and want to make some money, maybe AdSense is a waste of time. Why not try PayPerPost?

OK, PayPerPost requires that all paid posts be positive and no disclosure is required. But if that is not a problem for you you can make a lot of money.

How much can a blogger make with PayPerPost? Colleen Caldwell of Tampa, Florida has made $1,000 in online advertising income in less than seven weeks. And she has about 2130 impressions per month, that is 71 pages views per day!

Well, why not try it out? Don´t you want to make some money?

What are you waiting for? Try ads on blogs now!

December 21, 2006

The Google Adsense-Adwords Automatic Money Machine

Have you ever tried to make money through affiliate programs using Google Adwords?

Then you know it's not easy. Some say that only 2-3 out of 10 affiliate Adwords campaigns will actually make a profit.

But what if you could get your Adwords campaigns for free, or even make a little profit from using Adwords for promoting affiliate programs.

Actually you can get your Adwords campaigns for free if you combine your Adwords campaigns with Google Adsense.

With Google Adsense you place small ads on your own web-page, hoping that people will click on these ads. When someone clicks on a Google ad on your web-site, you make money.

The normal approach to making money with Google Adsense is to have thousands of pages with Google ads, but you can successfully make money with Google Adsense with just one page.

That's right - one page!

1. Step
All you have to do is find niches, where people pay several dollars to get the top position in the Google ads. You can use Overture's bidtool to find high priced niche keywords.

2. Step
Next step is to build your one-page Google Adsense money machine. Find a free article in one of the article directories and set up a page with your keyword targeted article and three Adsense ad blocks. Use small Adsense blocks, that only shows the top three high priced ads.

3. Step
Last step is to set up a Google Adwords campaign with that niche keyword (and related keywords) - but you only bid 5 cents!

Now sit back and watch the magic. People click on your 5-cent ad and come to your one-page-Adsense website. They read your article - and some of them will click on the high priced ads on your page. Bingo! - you've made a small profit.

Nothing much, maybe a one dollar profit a day. My first Google Adsense 'Money Machine' is generating a profit of 2-3 dollars a day - that's at least $730 a year for just one page.

Want to make more money with your one-page-money-machine?

Find an affiliate program in that niche, and put your affiliate link on the page. Some of your visitors will click the Google ads and some will click on your affiliate link. What ever they do, you win!

Now you've got your Google Adwords campaign for free or you're even making a small profit with your Google Adwords-Adsense money machine. At the same time you're marketing your niche affiliate program.

Final advice
Don't use this technique in the 'Internet Marketing' market place - it's much to crowded. Use your imagination and find niches like laser hair removal, wheel chairs, cell phone, homeowners loan etc.

Take action - and go find some money making niche keywords.

About the author:
Jan Sepstrup is the editor of the Google Profit Tools Follow Up Newsletter - A free toolbar and ebook for Google Adwords profit. http://www.jasmedia.com/googleprofittools

December 13, 2006

Track Google AdSense Clicks via Google Analytics

This free script integrates with Google Analytics to allow you to track your adsense clicks.

This tracking is done through "Goals". A goal is a way of tracking when a website visitor does something you want - Buy an item, submit a contact form, or in our case click an adsense ad.


December 12, 2006

5 keywords that will help you get to the Digg homepage!

1. Digg
All you need to do is to write about digg.

2. Microsoft
Diggers hate microsoft, so write about Microsoft.

3. How to’s
Almost every other day a How to makes it to the homepage.

4. Linux
Again, diggers hate Microsoft.

5. Google
Diggers love Google and its services.

December 06, 2006

Landing Page Quick Reference Guide

A landing page is a website page that is created for one purpose - to persuade the site visitor to convert into a customer by making a sale, completing a form (thereby becoming a qualified lead), signing up for a newsletter, etc.

We provide this landing page quick reference so you can pull it out every time you are creating a persuasive landing page. It is divided into 4 sections and is intended to be an all-inclusive tip sheet.

Most importantly, consider that you have 8 seconds or less to convince your visitor to act. If you haven't convincingly made your case in this time then your visitor will move on and will be lost, as the Internet has created the most fickle customer in sales history.

Click here to read more!

November 19, 2006

The Ultimate Guide to Attract Links Part 2

You want that traffic to your site, but how will you get it? Well, take a look at our Part 2 in the "The Ultimate Guide to Attract Links".

6. The 8 Free Things Every Site Should Do

7. Advanced Link Building Tactics

8. Linkbaiting, How hard is it?

9.How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

10. The 10 greatest publicity stunts