October 12, 2006

Five affiliate tips

Affiliate tip 1

Did you know the most popular method for promoting an affiliate program is with a 468x60 banner? That's OK, but do you know that the 468x60 banner is also the least effective way to promote an affiliate program?I recommend you instead to try pop-up. Why? Cookies, the pop-up cookies every person that sees it (so long as their cookies are not disabled). This means that if the person go to the site you promoted 16 days (for example) after he or she visited your site you could still get payd, altough the person didn´t click on any link!

Affiliate tip 2

Sticky notes. You can customize this script as to how often the note should appear on the page, for how long, and whether a fade-in effect should be accompanied. It works in MSIE and Mozilla FireFox. Best of all, it doesn't get blocked by pop-up blockers.

Affiliate tip 3

Rotate Your Affiliate Banners: If you are running affiliate banners on your site, it's essential that you keep things fresh and rotate the banners. Otherwise, you risk banner burnout with your visitors. When you rotate the banners, you will increase your click-throughs and revenues, since you can serve a variety of banners to every visitor.

Affiliate tip 4

Write Content: One of the most effective ways to display affiliate links is to incorporate them into relevant content. This sort of contextual affiliate content can come in many shapes and forms, such as testimonials, reviews, and articles targeting a certain demographic.

Affiliate tip 5

Affiliate Links in Your E-mail Signature: There's a great space for advertising that most people leave barren - the space below their e-mail signature.


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